Nuncle is an interdisciplinary design studio whose focus lies in creating impactful work contextually derived from rich content.

We are committed to enlightened design and innovative storytelling that promotes dialogue, cultivates a sense of shared perspectives, and fosters connections.

We work on projects large and small, from ideation to execution, using thoughtful and contextual design solutions that lead audiences towards important content with a profound impact.

Nuncle has conceptualized, directed, and creative directed projects for film and television, science and technology, and festivals and advertising campaigns.

The company's moniker is sourced from William Shakespeare's "King Lear." The word, "Nuncle", can be loosely translated to mean a 'kindly counselor'.

As creative director, designer and founder, Steven Otto LaMorte endeavors for Nuncle's work to be aligned with this idea of a 'kindly counselor'—charged with carefully listening to client directives, honoring context, and intelligently consulting on how projects can be fully actualized — utilizing thoughtful, engaging, thought-provoking, and beautiful design.
Outside of working hours, Steven enjoys many interests and hobbies.

Mind and body consciousness play a central role in Steven's life—he is an avid runner and practices yoga and mediation daily.

Steven has a deep interest in human biology and science in general with a particular fondness for anatomy and physiology. Steven maintains a practice of life drawing and painting and regularly attends classes at The Art Students League in Manhattan. Steven is also a journeyman carpenter, having designed and built furniture for his home and businesses, as well as a novice gardener having studied plant biology and horticulture.

Being consciously present is central to Steven's creative and day-to-day ideology and this process-driven perspective informs his life and work. Steven exemplifies a growth mindset and exudes a contagious excitement for inspired and actionable ideas. Steven feels at home in social settings and has a natural ability to initiate open dialogue and foster a positive atmosphere in which to engage the creative process.

Steven is a part-time single parent and father to two amazing and inspiring teenage girls.
Steven Otto LaMorte
Founder & Creative Director